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Drawings and Works on Paper

 Figurative work is an inner journey - a personal exploration. Symbols and their mystical meanings and mythology speak to me. Working on canvas, paper or finely gessoed panels using different techniques allows me to explore different ways of expression. Tempera on board gives an amazing glow with the application of layer upon layer of fine glazes. Canvas gives a very different result, as does working on paper. Paper has a direct and unique quality that I love. Paint reflects differently on paper, and charcoal and pencil brings it alive. These works on paper are done in groups that fit together to create large wall sized compositions. They can be assembled and reassembled in different sizes. that all stand alone. Some of the pieces below are part of a series of Goddesses painted on paper board. They are 40 inches wide by 60 inches high Some are triptychs, comprised of three paintings - the central figure flanked on either side.